Unscrupulous Superintendents

What’s with New Jersey? Are felonious educational administrators a regular feature of newspapers in every state?

The Star Ledger reports today that Raymond Hyman, superintendent in Essex Fells, has been arraigned on charges that he stole $22,000 in tuition-reimbursement funds. Unlike the scandal in Freehold, where James Wasser and associates scammed the Board into paying for bonuses based on advanced degrees from a diploma-mill, Hyman was apparently pursuing a legitimate Ph.D. from Columbia University. However, after he stopped attending in 2005 he continued to forge and submit bogus vouchers for tuition reimbursement.

In a related story, the Asbury Park Press reports that a member of the Freehold Regional High School Board of Education quit, citing a weak board unable to manage a power-hungry administration, headed by none other than our old friend James Wasser.

What do you think?

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