Wouldn’t a Prius Be Greener?

Here’s an editorial today from the Star-Ledger trumpeting the benefits of regionalization. On the inefficiencies endemic to locally-controlled school districts:

Regionalization is a good recipe for some school districts, too. But there again it faces hurdles.

They’re wringing their hands in Sea Isle City about the possible cost-cutting closure of a one-story school, which serves 78 students. When the chalk dust clears, here’s all you need to know: The annual cost per student is $36,000.

Never mind busing them to another school — you could buy each kid a hybrid SUV and probably still save money. Closure is a no-brainer.

In nearby Wildwood, Mayor Ernest Troiano Jr. has proposed closing the town’s high school of 280 students, the smallest high school in the state.

With sensible planning, those schools and others that make no economic sense should be closed, the students folded into larger districts. Little red schoolhouses carry big green pricetags. Some will cry for them, but know this: The cash will dry up long before the tears.

Here’s NJLB’s post on Wildwood.

What do you think?

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