James Watson on Dumb Science Teachers and Corrupt Unions

James Watson, Nobel Prize-winning geneticist, lets loose on the poor quality of science teachers in the latest issue of Scientific American:

But Watson said he believes there is a larger hole in the U.S. educational system that is sapping our lead in science. “Part of the problem is too many of our teachers are dumb,” he said, balking that “Teachers’ unions are corrupt.” He said that the relatively low pay educators receive has prompted smart people to flee teaching for other careers— although he made a point of noting that he does not support giving them raises. Teachers like the “bright woman that taught me Latin are nowhere near our schools [now],” he crowed.

Watson continued to insist that educators are “not as bright” as they once were, before moderator and former TV reporter Garrick Utley politely cut him off. Despite being silenced, Watson continued to mutter snippily, prompting the audience to roar with laughter.

What do you think?

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