Stale Doughnuts

The Star-Ledger reports on a bill making its way through the Assembly that would force N.J.’s dozen “doughnut” municipalities to merge. Doughnuts are small towns completely encapsulated by larger towns; for example, the borough of Metuchen is surrounded by the city of Edison and Princeton Borough is the hole in the doughnut of Princeton Township. Reed Gusciora, who is sponsoring the measure, thinks it would reduce costs through shared services, though the Ledger says the proposal went over “like a stale muffin,” which we guess is slightly less palatable than a dunkin munchkin. Continues the Ledger,

Assemblyman Michael Carroll (R-Morris), a member of the committee, said the state’s municipal map might look different if communities were being designed from scratch. But he said Gusciora’s proposal would be tough to sell in a state with 566 municipalities and a long tradition of home rule.

“You simply can’t ignore 200 years of history,” he said.

What do you think?

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