The Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Bret Schundler’s Nomination,

But not without a few snags. Chairman Nicholas Scutari, according to the Star-Ledger, quizzed Schundler about his views on sex education and said that he had “some issues reconciling (Schundler’s) personal ideological views on things.” Scutari “reserved the right to vote differently on the floor” when the vote goes to the Senate on March 11th. While the vote was unanimous – 11-0 – the Committee did so “without recommendation.”

The Record reports
that Schundler was asked about Christie’s “tough stance” on NJEA, which is currently airing radio, print, and television ads attacking the Governor and may or may not have some ties to the current Facebook page at “New Jersey Teachers United Against Governor Chris Christie’s Pay Freeze.” Senator Paul Sarlo wondered if “the public war that’s going on, is that helping you as commissioner?” Schundler replied that his meetings with NJEA reps have been “cordial” and that he has not “heard the governor take shots at the NJEA,” which elicited some guffaws from Sarlo.

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