President of Camden Education Association Goes Off the Rails

What’s this? On the 16th anniversary of the September 11th  attacks, Keith Benson, the newly elected president of one of NJ’s largest teachers unions, published an inflammatory and disrespectful Facebook message claiming the largest terrorist assault on American soil was a government conspiracy

As the NJEA looks to gain credibility and attract voters to its candidates ahead of November’s election cycle, perhaps it should think twice before supporting the head of the Camden Education Association. This is a  man who, on the day many New Jersey teachers, students, and residents honor the fallen from their towns and cities, was busy claiming that this catastrophe was part of a massive government plot to murder its own people. Keith Benson’s grip on the truth has never been that tight, but this is a step too far for any organization that claims to protect the rights of hard-working New Jersey educators.

Note: For you conspiracy theorists out there who accept Benson’s premise that the World Trade Center couldn’t have collapsed from the heat generated by jet fuel:”Soon after the day of the attacks, major media sources published that the towers had collapsed due to heat melting the steel. Knowledge that the burning temperatures of jet fuel would not melt the steel support structure of the WTC contributed to the belief among skeptics that the towers would not have collapsed without external interference (something other than the planes). NIST [National Institute of Standards and Technology] does not claim that the steel was melted, but rather that the weakened steel, together with the damage caused by the planes’ impacts, caused the collapses…The ability of an uncontrolled blaze to cause the collapse of a steel-framed high-rise building was demonstrated by the destruction of the Plasco Building in Tehran, Iran on January 19, 2017.”

What do you think?

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