Announcing (drumroll, please) the #GraduateReadyNJ Initiative!

We know what it takes for all New Jersey students to graduate ready for a successful future, whether college or career. While many students and schools in New Jersey are successful, data shows that:

  • 70% of those in New Jersey who enroll in two-year colleges and 30% in traditional four-year colleges take remedial classes.
  • Less than half of New Jersey students are at grade level in reading and math. 
  • The Pentagon estimates that 71% of Americans aged 17 to 24 would fail to qualify for military service.

The good news is that many schools and districts are leading the way, using and building from the supports provided by the state, districts, and community groups. Educators are using New Jersey’s quality academic standards to drive student-centered instruction and our latest student performance results show that this aligned approach is working.

There are six key components – or pillars – to making sure students have what they need as they move along their educational journey. What we need to do now is elevate the stories that show what it takes to achieve results for all students and to prepare our kids and our state for a successful future.

That’s why we’ve started the #GraduateReadyNJ initiative. We want to provide an opportunity for New Jersey parents and educators to share best practices with all districts, and to share stories from parents, educators, business and higher education leaders, and students on what it takes to graduate ready. Over the next several weeks, WRNJ will provide a variety of resources related to each pillar that will highlight how we all can ensure our students’ success.

For more information, go here.

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