New Column: Murphy Says He Wants to Scrap PARCC Tests but Doesn’t Know How. Here’s What It Would Take — and It’s Not Easy

It starts here:

Eighteen months ago, Governor-to-be Phil Murphy vowed during his keynote address at the 2016 New Jersey Education Association convention to “scrap PARCC Day One.” Two and a half months later, his new education commissioner, Lamont Repollet, announced the beginning of the process to fulfill that vow, in a method he recently described as “thoughtful,” “deliberative,” and designed to “ensure compliance with state and federal law” and be implemented “in a manner that is most beneficial and least disruptive to the students whom we serve.”

How they would accomplish this goal seems problematic, as just two months ago, when asked by a reporter about the process of eliminating PARCC exams, Murphy said that “the answer to the logistics of how it’s done, honestly, I don’t know.”

Happy to help, Governor.

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