Just Picture These Scholars Tomorrow! KIPP Joins with District Schools To Celebrate Future Heroes

Yesterday KIPP Seek Academy students enjoyed a Halloween parade with children from two district schools, George Washington Carver Elementary and Bruce Street School. But this was not your typical Halloween celebration! Instead of ghosts and goblins, 1,100 children dressed in costumes that represented their hopes and dreams for the future. According to KIPP, spectators caught a glimpse of “our future police officers, doctors, teachers and even Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Astronaut Mae Jemison.”

After the parade, students enjoyed “Trunk and Treat” as they walked through the schools’ parking lots and received goodies from cars decorated by staff from all three schools. Says KIPP, “the program is an innovative, safe alternative to the traditional Halloween holiday.”

Enjoy the photos of our future super heroes!














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