Murphy Administration Grants Renewals To Five High-Performing Urban Charter Schools

This is a press release from the New Jersey Charter School Association, a statewide association representing the state’s charter sector.

Last week, the New Jersey Department of Education granted five high-performing charter schools authorization to serve students for another five-year charter term. All five charter schools serve students in urban districts with strong demand for more public charter school seats. Charter schools that attain a Tier 1 designation (the highest for a NJ charter school) for three consecutive years have the opportunity to be granted renewal through an expedited process.

The following schools were granted renewal:

• Environment Community Opportunity Charter School K-8 (Camden)
• Gray Charter School K-8 (Newark)
• Hoboken Dual Language Charter School K-8 (Hoboken)
• Queen City Academy Charter School K-8 (Plainfield)
• Union County TEAMS Charter School K-12 (Plainfield)

“The granting of renewals for five high-performing urban charter schools demonstrates the Murphy Administration’s commitment to kids and families in those communities. The quality of education students are receiving in these public charter schools will set them up for success in high school, college, and in life,” said interim president Harry Lee. Lee added, “NJCSA applauds Commissioner Repollet and the Murphy Administration for making these decisions that puts students and families first.”

In addition to the renewal of these charters, the Commissioner granted approval for four of these charter schools to increase enrollment in the next charter term. “Over the next five years, hundreds of more students will have access to an innovative, high-quality public education through the growth of these excellent schools. As demonstrated during the Department’s charter review process, the demand for more great public charter schools is real and we hope that future decisions will continue to take into account the 35,000 students on charter school wait lists,” said Lee.

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