At KIPP Seek Academy in Newark, It’s A Different Kind of Halloween!

 Today’s no ordinary day at KIPP Seek Academy in Newark. Instead of the traditional Halloween parades, students there are attending school today dressed in outfits that represent their hopes and dreams for the future. Oh, there is a parade, but instead of ghosts and Spiderman, students will dress as doctors, teachers, computer programmers, police officers, and even Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and astronaut Mae Jemison!

After the parade, Seek students will participate in a whole school assembly, with a dance party hosted by DJ Lil Man. Students will then join two other Newark schools as they take part in the annual “Trunk or Treat,” in which students walk through each schools’ parking lots, stopping at cars decorated by the students’ families.

The program, which started as a partnership between George Washington Carver Elementary School and KIPP New Jersey, has been held every year for nearly ten years and has grown to include Bruce Street School as well. The program is an innovative, safe alternative to the traditional Halloween holiday.

Enjoy the photos!

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