Repollet Is On The Short List For President of Kean University.

Last June I reported, ” I have heard now from four sources that Repollet has a specific reason for leaving. He will take over the presidency at Kean College at a salary northward of $300,000 plus an array of benefits.”

Nothing came of it.

Last September I speculated that New Jersey Commissioner Lamont Repollet was biding his time until the deal came through. Here’s part of my mock interview:

Laura: Yes, we were ranked number #1 by EdWeek’s Quality Counts because its methodology gave us lots of extra points for spending so much. We really don’t do so well in accountability and closing the achievement gap. The former certainly didn’t work out so well for you when you tried to cancel the DOE audits,

Repollet: Hey, I’m still here, at least until that job at Kean University comes along.”

Then the rumor popped up again last week. I tried and tried to get confirmation, even calling the Kean University communications office and begging for information. No dice. They wouldn’t tell me who was on the list of candidates. “You’ll be the first to know!” someone chirpily told me.

Nope. Carly Sitrin of Politico got the scoop:

New Jersey Education Commissioner Lamont Repollet is among the candidates being considered for president of Kean University, POLITICO has learned.

According to two sources familiar with the search process, Repollet is on the list of people the 13-member presidential search committee will be interviewing over the next few weeks. One source said the list is being narrowed to a top ten this week or next, and that the committee expects to have a candidate chosen by May.

All hail Carly! Seriously, she’s great. Her article concludes with this:

In September 2019, Kean lost accreditation for its public administration graduate program just one year after failing to have its physician assistant program accredited.

If things go his way, Repollet will have his work cut out for him. But maybe an easier lift than running a Department controlled by NJEA?

Stay tuned for more.

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