Repollet (Finally!) Will Be Appointed as President of Kean University.

When did I first hear this rumor, widely circulated among staff member of the New Jersey Department of Education? Actually in June 2019 I wrote,

Sometimes timing is everything, not just for blog posts but for soft landings. Before we get to the new appointments (one in particular), I have heard now from four sources that Repollet has a specific reason for leaving at the end of June: He will take over the presidency at Kean College at a salary northward of $300,000 plus an array of benefits.

The rumor kept up, spiking in February. Now, finally, this evening the Kean University Board of Trustees will vote to select Lamont Repollet, currently Education Commissioner of the NJ DOE, as president. His appointment is likely to start in July.

Assistant Commissioner Linda Eno is also retiring, leaving the two top spots empty.

More on this — and its ramifications —tomorrow.

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