NJ Parent: The Department of Education’s Reopening Plan “Says Nothing!”

A New Jersey parent emailed NJLB to express her thoughts on the New Jersey Department of Education’s management of school reopenings. At her request, this post is anonymous.

A Road Back to where? In a state that touts diversity, not one document by the New Jersey Department of Education has been translated into any other language. So these high-level documents like the DOE’s reopening plan, Restart and Recovery: The Road Back, (that truly says nothing – so maybe a good thing it hasn’t been translated) are inaccessible to the families of our multi-lingual learners. In some districts, these families are being told their children are “at-risk” students and are being brought into brick-and-mortar buildings for school.

Shame on NJ! These families are being TOLD without being given complete INFORMATION. Families are unable to make informed decisions without fully understanding all of their options and implications. It’s time to live up to the EQUITY part of education.

This is especially important because DOE division chiefs have instructed their directors who have instructed their managers who have instructed their staff, not to answer any questions, but ONLY to refer inquiries to the Road Back Plan. But if we circle back, remember, the plan says …well, not much.

Which means that we are pointing to a plan that has NO practical answer for schools to create & build what’s necessary for their students.

C’mon DOE, get it together! I’m sure other priorities are taking place — like updating the org chart –rather than communicating with and supporting the STUDENTS and their FAMILIES.

What do you think?

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