Parent Lets Loose At District’s “Piss-Poor” Reopening Plan: “My Trust Is Broken.”

This is a comment on the Facebook page of the Lakewood Education Association attached to a post that reprints the resignations of two (and counting) Lakewood teachers distraught over the district’s plan for full-time in-person school days. (More here.) One of the commenters is Lakewood attorney Michael Inzelbuch, whose participation angered some teachers. Below is a staff member’s response to his presence.

Michael Inzelbuch why are you on this page? It’s a serious conflict of interest and if you haven’t figured it out by staff and parents like myself commenting previously, you ARE NOT WELCOMED HERE! If you insist on staying, then sit back and shut up! Certainly do not mention this page during the BOE public session portion of the meeting, then mock it for misspelling legislation!! πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

All you do is humiliate staff, including the Superintendent, who is literally your puppet! Staff and parents are intimidated by YOU! You prompt responses with head nods before anyone can actually answer for themselves! Your eye rolls are also extremely unprofessional for someone sucking our district dry with your cushioned salary! I’m sick of hearing your mouth jabbering everywhere. Let the teachers speak, let actual families, NOT the ones you hand selected, speak! There are plenty of Lakewood families that you have mislead with this piss poor plan and here you are again trying to defend it on a teacher resignation post!!! Absolutely, disgusting and unprofessional!! I’d love to show them the reality of what these classrooms will look like packed with students!

Have you yet to figure out a safe option to the busing problem?! No just cram those kids on right, cause that’s what the private schools do?! Wrong!! 41 students per bus fyi is still resulting in 2 students per row! It is not the CDC recommendation of 1 child per row every other row! Hell not even close! Mind you 2 smaller children is 1 thing but LMS and LHS are not small! Try sitting two adults per row and see how much social distancing you’re getting… I’ll tell ya, none! Are you going to pay for their medical care or their families medical care when they become sick and don’t have insurance?! No!

I see lots of selling and spending! Millions in fact on plexiglass that doesn’t even protect anyone when the student sits normally in a chair! They should extend off each desk several inches on 3 NOT 2 sides!

You’re a disgrace to Lakewood and should be removed as counsel! But that won’t happen in our very corrupt town and on our corrupt BOE that is imbalanced and predominantly Jewish!

Also advise your BOE members that wearing a mask includes covering their noses the ENTIRE meeting. If we can’t even get grown adults to follow the rules properly, (the ones that should be setting examples) then how can we ever expect children to do so. You had students present during that Board meeting yet I’ve SS several Board members not wearing their mask properly. Also, imagine you’re complaining about sitting at those desks for such a short period of time compared to the students who will be sitting in them for 7 hours every single day without change i.e. (elementary school cohorts).

It’s also funny how you strategically spaced the members every other row. πŸ™„ You also pointed during the meeting for the person operating the camera to pan the room to “show” room 10 at LMS. How misleading and clearly another example of you trying to sway public opinion to your agenda, which is 5 full days a week. How about we show the room packed with the 30-35 students filling each seat and sitting how an “actual” middle school student would πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. I’ll note additionally 1 board member wasn’t sitting forward in the desk, actually representing the natural way a LHS or LMS student would sit and that was with his legs to the side and facing the none plexiglass side, toward the row next to him. He sat right in the front row.

So, when school returns, the students will not act in such a manner like small soldiers. They will do what children do. The execution of the plan 100% is going to be the issue. There wasn’t 100% compliance this summer as many of us know, yet there were at minimum 2 “scares” in which the district kept fairly hushed. My trust in the Lakewood BOE is broken.

Signed: A very pissed off Ella G. Clarke Parent!

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  1. Avatar P.W. Mueller

    Lakewood Public Schools are Run By The Orthodox Superintendent Michael Inzelbuch, not figurehead Puppet Laura Winter’s. The public school children are in grave danger this Fall with the Faulty lack of preparation by the BOE. Those classrooms have to be cleaned and treated daily, every child needs their temperature taken before entering a sanitized bus which should have children spaced per the CDC regulations. The Orthodox children that use those buses don’t wear masks and are not made to follow the CDC regulations. Why is Inzelbuch in Control. He is a highly paid Attorney with a Conflict of Interest. Just ask Anyone who isn’t Orthodox.

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