Lakewood Lawyer: Four Cases of Covid But No Worries.

This is an (unedited) email from Lakewood school board attorney Michael Inzlebuch, who explains away four cases of coronavirus among students and staff in one of the few New Jersey districts where schools are open full-time. He also alleges that the Lakewood Education Association was planning to “endanger children’s safety” and was making “frivolous” complaints.


Update -September 18 , 2020

  1. Last week , Friday, September 11th several members of the Lakewood school community attended the funeral of Police Officer  .  Upon information and belief , none have tested positive ;
  1. During the funeral the Union threatened a “ call to action “ , to wit, if buses at dismissal time were to be late due to traffic related to the funeral  they would take action including ,allegedly, leaving the premises. As soon as the Superintended learned of this she instructed the Building Principal to report to her any staff member that would possibly endanger children’s safety .Thank G-d due to the coordinated efforts of the school district ,vendors, and the police the buses arrived to dismissal less than 10 minute late averting any action .
  1. An anonymous call was made this week (Tuesday, September 15th ) to  the  Fire Marshall alleging that the Middle School was overcrowded ,and , that the restricted handicapped parking area  was being misused by a security specialist of Lakewood schools. The Fire Marshall’s office visited Lakewood Middle Schools and concluded that the complaints were frivolous , in fact , the security specialist is in fact handicapped ( partial amputation in 2019 ) and was entitled to park in the handicapped area .
  1. This week – upon information and belief – the following was reported to the Ocean County Department of Health —-
  1. staff member who was at an event outside of school and had no contact with students tested positive for COVID . This employee in accord with the Plan and Governor’s ORDER is now  working from home  for 2 weeks ;
  1. Another staff member’s spouse tested positive – the district employee did not — however- as a safety precaution the employee is working from home ;
  1. Another employee of the District contracted COVID ,reportedly, from family members . This employee does not work with children but is a secretary  at an off-site building . This employee and her co-workers have been placed on remote purely as a precautionary measure  ;
  1. new student has allegedly tested positive this week . That student was only in close contact with 2 other contained students within a  self-contained setting .As a precautionary measure the entire class/cohort and staff  was immediately  put on remote .    
  1. This morning  the Superintendent and General Counsel had an extensive conversation with the Ocean County Health Department as to the above ,and, how to best advise the entire Lakewood community as to COVID . The District recommended using mass emails ,advertising ,and robo calls as the district regularly uses .

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