Sean Spiller’s Ego Trip Goes All the Way to the White House!

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big. But Sean Spiller, Vice President of the New Jersey Education Association, is letting his ego get a wee bit ahead of itself. According to Carly Sitrin at Politico (sadly, behind a paywall), Spiller has, according to six sources, “given the state’s congressional delegation a heads up that he’s interested in the position of U.S. Secretary of Education under a Joe Biden administration.”*

Even more startling, Spiller, currently a science teacher at Wayne High School (although most likely his union duties supplant his teaching obligations) and mayor of Montclair, may actually have a shot at leading the U.S. Education Department. Politico says he “checks all the boxes: young, charismatic, Black, a savvy political player, union leader and K-12 teacher.”

But seriously? Is the best President-Elect Biden can do for us? After all, let’s think about this.

  • A New Jersey Superior Court ruled that Spiller’s double-duty —simultaneously serving on Montclair’s Board of School Estimates and as an officer of NJEA, earning $2.1 million during his tenure—was a conflict of fiduciary duties to both the citizens of Montclair and the members of NJEA.
  • At the time, Spiller made the Wall Street Journal because a group of Montclair parents sued him for promoting NJEA’s needs over the needs of local students.
  • He was just caught by Matt Friedman getting ready to host a “Holiday Cocktail Reception” (in the midst of a pandemic — $1,000 a plate, y’all — to benefit a new dark money group called “Progress for Action.”

Bad look, Joe. Don’t do it.

*Update: Carly Sitrin just tweeted,

But VP/Mayor Spiller was the one who “gave the state’s congressional delegation a heads up.” Can someone be “honored to be mentioned” if he or she is the one who did the mentioning? What am I missing here besides the solipsism? Inquiring minds want to know.

What do you think?